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4″ x 4″ Solid Brass Ball Bearing Architectural Grade Hinge Polished Brass (US3) & Non Removeable Pin – Set of 2


The hinges are sold in pairs. When adding to cart, please keep in mind that you are adding per pair.

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  • Our Extruded Solid Brass Hinges are machined to exact specifications, giving you a high-quality hinge that provides strength and performance.
  • The pin is stainless steel which doesn’t allow rusting so that there’s always a smooth movement.
  • Ball bearing hinges can handle heavy doors much better than standard bearing hinges.
  • These hinges are 3.4mm thick.
  • Extremely durable finish.
  • These solid brass extruded hinges are designed for installation on doors with a high frequency of use.
  • Each hinge is supplied with two precision machined, anti-friction, ball-bearing assemblies which increase both the vertical and lateral load bearing capability of the hinge.
  • Each ball-bearing assembly has one end formed as a bushing, allowing it to be inserted into the knuckle. This feature seats the bearing correctly for smooth operation when the hinge is installed and helps to keep the bearing from falling out when the hinge pin is removed.
  • These hinges conform to the most current specifications established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Each hinge includes 8 Brass Screws included in the box.

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Weight 2 lbs