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Fire Rated Door Hardware

When Lives Are At Stake, There’s No Room To Cut Corners On Sub-Par Fire Rated Door Hardware

Fire rated door hardware can be tricky. The requirements are much more stringent than for standard hardware, with many options and specs to assure your job is completed up to code.

Not only are there many options and choices regarding the fire rated door hardware you need…but the technology keeps changing all the time at a faster and faster pace.

This is an area of your business that mandates a high level of technical expertise…without the risk of inadvertent errors. Please call us so we can converse about your job, and help you find the perfect hardware you can have right away, without wasting money on overpriced solutions you’ll find with most other higher end suppliers.

You can get the best of all worlds – “reasonable” prices, top quality and free expert consulting all wrapped up in one online store.


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