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Benefits of Using Commercial Continuous Hinges

Benefits of Using Commercial Continuous Hinges

Some manufacturers refer to a commercial continuous hinge as a piano hinge. It is one of the more popular varieties of hinges and is utilized in numerous applications that require the extensive use and intense wear and tear. It is designed as a way to evenly...
Tips for Lubricating with Door Hinge Oil

Tips for Lubricating with Door Hinge Oil

Before you start using door hinge oil, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:   Keep a rag handy for cleanups; Be careful with how much spray or door hinge oil you apply – you don’t need a lot – more is not better in this situation;...

Why you really need a reliable door closer

Everyone knows the adage, when one door closes, another one opens, but what if the door didn’t close? Or what if the door closed, but the other door wouldn’t open? Now that is a situation not to be stuck in, which is why a reliable door closer is important. Door...

Door Hardware

Door Hardware Have you ever wondered why people spend so much on brand name door hardware when the technology exists today to manufacture premium hardware at a fraction of the cost and allowing the savings to be passed to the customer? Truth be told, neither have we....

Add style in your Doors

Add style in your Doors Pewter, a malleable metal alloy, has a universal demand and has been in use since the Bronze Age. Pewter has a great appeal and is hence mainly used in kitchen hardware and bathroom, as they give a unique look to the area. Pewter hinges are...

Squeaky doors are not a good sign

Squeaky doors are not a good sign Next time you pass a doorway, stop for a moment and listen as the door opens or closes. What you hear tells you a lot about the ‘health’ of the hinges. If you hear that squeak, you know you’re in for some trouble if you don’t change...

Solid Brass Hinges

Solid Brass Hinges There’s no need to break the bank anymore when shopping for door hardware. Get your solid brass ball bearing hinges for a fraction of the price that the brand names charge. They’re both solid and look beautiful on your door and will definitely give...


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