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Welcome to the happiest place on this planet to purchase door hardware!

We understand. You’re busy. Too busy to travel to your local specialty door hardware store to purchase your supplies. You’d rather go online, choose your door hardware, pay, and go on with your day serving your own customers. We won’t waste your precious time telling you how great we are and how many clients we made happy during this past decade. That’s for those who have nothing to sell, so they sell themselves.

Whether you’re looking for solid brass door hinges for a residential home, or door closers and exit devices for a commercial application, you’ll find everything just a click away.

Not ready to buy yet? Believe it or not, we understand.

But we know that once you move on, chances are that you’ll forget about us. We, however, do not wish to forget about you. You took all the trouble to make it to our store, the least we can do for you is send you savings coupons and items of interest from time to time so that when you’re ready, you’ll get high quality products for reasonable prices.
Plus, with our 100% ‘quality-guarantee’, you know that we take all the risk in making sure that what you receive from us lives up to your expectations.

Please feel free to call us directly at 888-737-6515 if you have any questions or if you just want to schmooze. We love to hear both comments and complaints. Don’t hold anything back. You are the one that keeps us in business and we are here to serve you beyond our abilities. Just try us and you’ll see for yourself why we really are the happiest place on this planet to purchase door hardware!

Wishing you the very best day possible,
Cy and Mendy

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